IJABE’s SCI Journal Impact Factor reached 1.007 in JCR 2015 and 0.835 in JCR 2016

We are pleased to share the good news that the International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (IJABE) received its first impact factor of 1.007, according to 2016 update of its Journal Citation Reports®(JCR) released by The Intellectual Property (IP) Science business of Thomson Reuters on June 13, 2016.Based on the JIF values, IJABE ranks 7th out of 14 SCI-indexed journals in the category of agricultural engineering, locating in Q2 Quartile, and most of the higher ranking journals in the category are “specialty journals” that are not directly comparable with traditional agricultural engineering journals such as IJABE. IJABE also ranks 234th out of 336 SCI-indexed journals in the category of Agricultural Sciences, placing it in Quartile Q3.

According to JCR2016 released in June 2017, IJABE received its second JIF of 0.835, 9 out of 14 SCI-indexed agricultural engineering journals in the world in JCR2015, and IJABE ranks 226th out of 336 SCI-indexed journals in the category of Agricultural Sciences, placing it in Quartile Q3.

IJABE was established as an open access journal in 2008, publishing both in print and online version athttps://www.ijabe.org. We greatly appreciate and warmly welcome your support to IJABE.

The JCR is the world’s most influential resource for evaluating peer-reviewed publications and the source of annual journal metrics, including the Journal Impact Factors (JIF). The impact factor ranking system is based on the number of times an average article is cited during the previous two years.The 2016 release, with 2015 citation data for literature within the sciences and social sciences, features 11,365 (8757 in SCIE and 2608 in SSCI) journal listings in 234 disciplines; 81 countries are represented. A total of 239 journals received their first JIF, and IJABE is one of the 239; 57 percent of journals saw an increase in JIF from last year and 42 percent saw a decrease. Additionally, 18 journals were suppressed to ensure the integrity of the reports. Suppressed journals are re-evaluated after a year for reconsideration in the JCR.

IJABE covers but is not limited to the following 10 technical disciplines:
1 Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ASET)
2 Animal, Plant and Facility Systems(APFS)
3 Biosystems, Biological and Ecological Engineering(BBEE)
4 Power and Machinery Systems (PMS)
5 Natural Resources and Environmental Systems (NRES)
6 Information Technologies, Control Systems and Sensors (ITCSS)
7 Renewable Energy and Material System (REMS)
8 Agro-product & Food Processing Systems(AFPS)
9 Safety, Health and Ergonomics (SHE)
10 Emerging Science, Engineering & Technologies (ESET)

IJABE is a peer-reviewed open access international journal. We will continue our quality-control policy via rigorous peer review and professional English and technical editing. We are updating the IJABE International Editorial Board, and we sincerely invite interested and qualified professionals to serve the editorial board who can play active, objective and fair roles in peer review. We greatly appreciate your care and support for IJABE by “PRC”, i.e., Publishing good papers with IJABE, Reviewing manuscripts for IJABE if requested and Citing the papers published in IJABE.

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