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Congratulating all the authors for the indexing of all IJABE papers of 2013 by EI

Warm congratulations on the complete indexing of all IJABE papers of 2013 by EI Compendex! All the 50 papers published in IJABE in 2013 have been successfully indexed and abstracted, with three other news articles indexed. The indexed records in detail can be downloaded from the Information section of this issue.  
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IJABE has been included in Ei Compendex

IJABE has recently been included for abstracting and indexing in Ei Compendex after strict peer review and evaluation by the Compendex Scope and Coverage Committee. Warm congratulations on IJABE's coverage in Ei Compendex!  
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IJABE is a fast-growing peer-reviewed OA journal-Latest

IJABE has been covered by over 20 internationally recognized indexing and abstracting databases, such as Ei Compendex, CA, INSPEC, Abstract Journals (VINITI RAN), Agricola, AGRIS, Scopus, CSA, OCLC, ProQuest, Index Copernicus, Google scholar, CAB International, etc. Based on Web of Science™ All Databases, IJABE's average citation per item is 1.66, the sum of times cited reaches 343, and h-index is 7. The total number of citations to IJABE articles is over 960 by google scholar, detailed in Most-cited Articles on IJABE website.  
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Vol 7, No 1 (2014): IJABE

Table of Contents


IJABE Editorial: Open access leads to success PDF
Wang Yingkuan 01-02

Power & Machinery System

Mechanical and natural ventilation systems in a greenhouse designed using computational fluid dynamics PDF
Jorge Flores-Velazquez, Juan I. Montero, Esteban J. Baeza, Juan C. Lopez 1-16
Experimental study on the performance of bowl-tray rice precision seeder PDF
Yi Shujuan, Liu Yongfen, Wang Chun, Tao Guixiang, Liu Haiyan, Wang Ruihan 17-25

Land & Water Engineering

Effect of smart sprinkler irrigation utilization on water use efficiency for wheat crops in arid regions PDF
Hussein Mohammed Al-Ghobari, Mohamed Said Abdalla El Marazky 26-35

Information & Electrical Technologies

Cascaded navigation control for agricultural vehicles tracking straight paths PDF
Hu Jingtao, Li Taochang 36-44
Detecting maize leaf water status by using digital RGB images PDF
Han Wenting, Sun Yu, Xu Tengfei, Chen Xiangwei, Su Ki Ooi 45-53
Distinct element method analysis and field experiment of soil resistance applied on the subsoiler PDF
Li Bo, Liu Fanyi, Mu Junying, Chen Jun, Han Wenting 54-59

Structures & Bio-environmental Engineering

Measurement and analysis of biogas fertilizer use efficiency, nutrient distribution and influencing factors of biogas residues and slurry on pig farms PDF
Fan Min, Zhu Hongguang, Ma Jieqiong 60-69

Renewable Energy System

Validity of the Africa-wide Lang factor of 2.63 for estimating small biogas plant installation costs in Uganda PDF
Kenneth Ndyabawe, William S. Kisaalita 70-76

Agro-product & Food Processing Engineering

Detection of Staphylococcus Aureus using quantum dots as fluorescence labels PDF
Hu Yaohua, Wang Chengcheng, Bai Bing, Li Mintong, Ronghui Wang, Yanbin Li 77-83
Physical properties of Brachystegia Eurycoma seeds as affected by moisture content PDF
Ndubisi A. Aviara, Elizabeth B. Ibrahim, Lovelyn N. Onuoha 84-93
Effect of pre-treatments on drying characteristics of Chinese jujube (Zizyphus jujuba Miller) PDF
Zhu Baomeng, Wen Xuesen, Wei Guodong 94-102
Effects of moisture content and feed rate on milling characteristics of wild apricot pits (Prunus armeniaca L.) PDF
A. E. Kate, U. C. Lohani, N. C. Shahi, J. P. Pandey, A. Sarkar, Khan Chand 103-110

Cover Caption

Beijing Research Center for Agricultural and Standards and Testing, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences PDF
Wang Yingkuan


Warm congratulations on IJABE inclusion in Ei Compendex PDF
Wang Yingkuan 111
Top 16 most cited papers published in IJABE according to Web of Science All Databases and Google Scholar PDF
Wang Yingkuan 112
IJABE is a fast-growing peer-reviewed OA journal-Updated Introduction to IJABE in 2013 PDF
Wang Yingkuan 113-114
IJABE Guidelines for Authors PDF
Wang Yingkuan 115-122
International Editorial Board PDF
Wang Yingkuan
EI Compendex indexed all IJABE papers of 2013 PDF
Wang Yingkuan

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