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Congratulating all the authors for the indexing of all IJABE papers of 2013 by EI

Warm congratulations on the complete indexing of all IJABE papers of 2013 by EI Compendex! All the 50 papers published in IJABE in 2013 have been successfully indexed and abstracted, with three other news articles indexed. The indexed records in detail can be downloaded from the Information section of this issue.  
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IJABE has been included in Ei Compendex

IJABE has recently been included for abstracting and indexing in Ei Compendex after strict peer review and evaluation by the Compendex Scope and Coverage Committee. Warm congratulations on IJABE's coverage in Ei Compendex!  
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IJABE is a fast-growing peer-reviewed OA journal-Latest

IJABE has been covered by over 20 internationally recognized indexing and abstracting databases, such as Ei Compendex, CA, INSPEC, Abstract Journals (VINITI RAN), Agricola, AGRIS, Scopus, CSA, OCLC, ProQuest, Index Copernicus, Google scholar, CAB International, etc. Based on latest Web of Science All Databases, IJABE's average citation per item is 1.76, the sum of times cited reaches 411, and h-index is 8. The total number of citations to IJABE articles is over 1108 by google scholar, detailed in Most-cited Articles on IJABE website.  
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Vol 7, No 3 (2014): IJABE

Table of Contents

Power & Machinery System

Simulation analysis and match experiment on negative and positive pressures of pneumatic precision metering device for rapeseed PDF
Yu Jiajia, Liao Yitao, Cong Jinling, Yang Song, Liao Qingxi 1-12
Design and experimental study of the control system for precision seed-metering device PDF
Zhai Jianbo, Xia Junfang, Zhou Yong, Zhang Shun 13-18

Land & Water Engineering

Optimized selection of suitable sites for farmland consolidation projects using multi-objective genetic algorithms PDF
Wang Lu, Huang Ningsheng, Kuang Yaoqiu, Zhou Jinhao, Zhao Yuan, Zhang Zhen, Hu Yueming 19-27
Crop water stress index for off-season greenhouse green peppers in Liaoning, China PDF
Li Bo, Wang Tieliang, Sun Jian 28-35

Information & Electrical Technologies

Wavelet-based threshold denoising for imaging hyperspectral data PDF
Yang Hao, Zhang Dongyan, Huang Linsheng, Zhao Jinling 36-42
Identification of diseases for soybean seeds by computer vision applying BP neural network PDF
Tan Kezhu, Chai Yuhua, Song Weixian, Cao Xiaoda 43-50
GIS-based evaluation of maize cultivar lodging resistance performance in target growing environments PDF
Mi Chunqiao, Liu Zhe, Zhang Xiaodong, Peng Xiaoning, Huang Bin 51-58

Renewable Energy System

Identifying potential field sites for production of cellulosic energy plants in Asia PDF
Nobuhito Sekiya, Taiichiro Hattori, Fumitaka Shiotsu, Jun Abe, Shigenori Morita 59-67
Producing durable pellets from barley straw subjected to radio frequency-alkaline and steam explosion pretreatments PDF
Kingsley Lawrence Iroba, Lope G. Tabil, Shahab Sokhansanj, Meda Venkatesh 68-82
Influence of methanol additive on bio-oil stability PDF
Fei Wenting, Liu Ronghou, Zhou Weiqi, Mei Yuanfei, Yin Renzhan 83-92

Agro-product & Food Processing Engineering

Computerized recognition of pineapple grades using physicochemical properties and flicking sounds PDF
Rong Phoophuangpairoj, Niyomsri Srikun 93-101
Optimization of fermentation process of papaya sauerkraut using response surface method PDF
Zhang Lijuan, Yang Jinsong, Ma Liwei, Tan Haisheng 102-106
Mechanical characteristics of Hanfu apple at low temperature PDF
Guan Shujie, Zhang Benhua, Ning Xiaofeng, Gong Yuanjuan 107-113

Cover Captions

Front Cover NRCP of Jiangsu University
Wang Yingkuan
Inside Front Cover NRCP of Jiangsu University
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Back Cover Acknowledgements
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International Editorial Board PDF
Wang Yingkuan
Table of Contents PDF
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Top 16 most cited papers published in IJABE PDF
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IJABE is a fast-growing peer-review OA journal PDF
Wang Yingkuan 116-117
IJABE Guidelines for Authors PDF
Wang Yingkuan 118-125

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